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What Would Mr. Darcy Do? (A Pride & Prejudice Variation)

What Would Mr Darcy Do? - Abigail Reynolds I really really enjoyed this book. I was expecting to like it because I have heard many good things about Ms. Reynolds books but I could not put it down! I think one of the best things that she does it that she grasps the original characters so well. As soon as I started reading the book I could see the scenes happening. I didn't have too many moments where I would stop reading and think "would Darcy and Elizabeth really do this?" most of the time I thought her changes worked very very well.
I also actually really enjoyed her tweaks to the timeline. The changes she made have purpose and make the story her own. In other adaptations I struggle with how much affection Austen characters can show without it being a)totally inappropriate for the time period and b) far outside the original boundaries of the story. For the most part I thought Reynolds did a great job balancing out a good amount but also satisfied my craving for the question of what if? Reynolds doesn't make Lizzie into a Lydia but she isn't quite as controlled as her original character. Overall I enjoyed the story very much.