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Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence
John Ferling
Making Sense of the Troubles: The Story of the Conflict in Northern Ireland
David McKittrick, David McVea
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
P.D. James, Arthur Conan Doyle
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Emmuska Orczy

The Queen's Fool: A Novel (Boleyn)

The Queen's Fool - Philippa Gregory So far I've really struggled to read this book. I don't like the main character. I find her very irritating and the story is really slow.

I've totally given up on this book. I was unimpressed with the main character. She was inconsistent and even when I skipped ahead I couldn't connect with her or root for her. The plot was slow and boring. I love Tudor history but this one didn't do anything for me.