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The Scarlet Pimpernel
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Cold Fire (Circle Opens, Book 3)

Cold Fire - Tamora Pierce It took me forever to read this but that isn't a reflection on Tamora Pierce's writing or this book. The four young mage's seem to be learning that they are teachers as well as masters in this series. Daja has always been my favorite character in this foursome and she is just as strong on her own in this book. She discovers magic in a pair of twins while traveling North with Frostpine during the winter. While trying to find teachers and guiding her new students, Daja also must find who is starting dangerous fires in a town mostly made of wood.

I loved this story. It was sweet and sad. I think this book really shows us even more about Daja because I think she sometimes gets overpowered by the other three even though I think she is a fabulous character and very powerful. She is a terrific heroine and she is so so strong both in her magic and her character.

Now I move onto Tris's story which might be a struggle for me but I enjoy the writing, the world and the magic so much I'm not sure I could ever be upset to find more book that I have to read by Tamora Pierce.