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Pegasus - Robin McKinley This book might be the most disappointing thing I read in 2012. I wanted this book for so long but it simply fell flat for me! The concept of this story sounds absolutely amazing. This take on Pegasus lore was really interesting and it seemed like it was going to be a great read. Even though it was disappointing I still really like the idea and there is a lot of great points in this book.
I think the major problem with this book is that it is simply too slow. The world building is great, but all of this was overshadowed for me because the plot took forever to develop ( if there even really is one for this novel).
Obviously, this book is going to be a series because it just ends. I felt like nothing really happened in the book and it seemed like it was all set up for the next one. Honestly a few times I wondered why I continued to read this book... Even so the relationships between Sylvi and Ebon is very interesting and their adventures are fun to read. It is everything else that gets in the way.
I wanted to love it, but it disappointed me. The book ends with no resolution or hint of a resolution. I'm not sure how I feel about reading the next one because it was like pulling teeth to make myself get through this one, but if the pacing was better I think the story would be much better.