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Almost a Miracle: The American Victory in the War of Independence
John Ferling
Making Sense of the Troubles: The Story of the Conflict in Northern Ireland
David McKittrick, David McVea
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
P.D. James, Arthur Conan Doyle
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Emmuska Orczy

The Irish Americans: A History

The Irish Americans: A History - Jay P. Dolan This book reads a lot like a textbook and I think it was set up to be one rather than a book that someone can pick up and read for pleasure. The book covers the history of the Irish in America extensively. Even though it is a extensive history, and there is a lot of history, I was bored. A lot of the information is repeated several times. It took me quite a long time to read this book. I had trouble really getting into it because it is dry. Even though the author obviously knows a lot about the subject the wiriting does not draw you into the book. If you are looking for a book to give you a lot of names and information this is the book that you need. It was easy to skim over the information while getting the idea which wasn’t what I wanted to do but the writing just wasn’t very exciting.